13 thoughts on “Picnic lunch in the park 

  1. It looks lovely, picnic in the park in the sunshine. Please bring the sun home with you. Can’t wait to see you Dylan.
    Lots of love Mum xxx


  2. Hope you have had a brilliant time Ebony, we have missed you lots and Joshua keeps asking for you. Safe journey home everybody!!


  3. Looks like amazing weather it’s raining here I’m afraid x hv a safe journey bk all of u n see u wen u get back x also a very big thankyou to the school n the teachers who hv made this a memorable experience for our children x


  4. What a beautiful day for a picnic with the sun shining.

    A big thank you to all the teachers for once again giving our kids a trip to remember. Have a safe journey home everyone. X


  5. A BIG thank you to all the staff who have been involved in giving the year 5 children an amazing opportunity to visit. Elizabeth has had a fantastic time and hasn’t stopped talking about it. Thank you.xxxx


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