Morning Everyone or should I say night? 

All the children on floor 5 would not wake up this morning. Very sleepy today, I’m sure they will have a good sleep tonight. What a fabulous two days we have had. After breakfast we are off to see the changing of the guards. 

11 thoughts on “Morning Everyone or should I say night? 

  1. Aww bless them all, they will definitely all sleep on the way back home today, thank you to all the teachers for giving our children this beautiful experience that they will always remember 👍🏻


  2. Morning Matthew, I bet you did not want to get up this morning after such a busy day yesterday. Have a good breakfast and don’t forget to wave at the Queen. Can’t wait to see you later. Love mum, dad, ben & lois xxxx


  3. Morning Charlie! I bet you were one of those who didn’t want to get up! You’re not a morning person! Have a great day today and we will see you later on xx Mum and Dad xx


  4. Good morning everyone! I have to say you all had a wonderful day yesterday and I have to admit am abit jealous, have a great day today too year 5’s. See you later Ali


  5. Good morning Jaydan, I hope you’ve had a brill time in London, looking forward to seeing you later love you lots xx


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