Waiting for Matilda 

After a delicious fish and chips tea and a quick change into our most glamorous clothes, we are seated in Cambridge theatre eagerly waiting for Matilda to start…

8 thoughts on “Waiting for Matilda 

  1. Wow Year 5! I’ve just been catching up on all of your London adventures and it looks as though you are having a fabulous time! Matilda was my favourite film when I was younger so I am very jealous indeed! Hope you’ve had a fantastic time and learnt lots. School is very quiet without you all. Enjoy your last day tomorrow! Love Miss Cooper x


  2. Looking good boys😍😉- have a fab night hope you enjoy it!!! Lots of love Sam missing u loads xx love mum dad lauren Amber xx


  3. Enjoy the show glad to see you’ve all had a great day! Enjoy your last night cole cant wait to see you tomorrow lots of love from me terry athea and grandma xxx


  4. Goodnight tj, we can’t wait to see you again tomorrow and to hear about everything you’ve done and seen x goodnight lots of love mum dad tyler n pips


  5. Looks like you are all having an amazing time. Can’t wait for you to come home tomorrow Leah and tell us all about it. Noah’s missing you lots. Sending you lots of love from mum (Sarah Mitchell) xxx


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