11 thoughts on “Tucking in 

  1. Morning Connie. Hope you have slept well and eaten all your breakfast 🙂 missing you lots and so is Marie. Hope everyone has a lovely day. xxx


  2. Good morning everyone, breakfast looks great and it looks as if your really enjoying it Isabelle, have a lovely day sweet heart see you soon . Love from Nana and Grandad xxxx


  3. Morning Lucy, Buddy is mooching around looking for you, he thinks your still in bed? Hope you slept soundly after walking up all those steps. Big day today – lots to do, lots to see, really enjoying all the photos. Hope you have a super day and I will see you tomorrow x miss you & ruv roo!


  4. Morning! I can see Henry’s glasses – yay. I wonder if you’ve already eaten your breakfast as I can’t see your plate..I know you usually like a cooked breakfast 🙂 . How come you’ve got your school jumper on? Maybe it’s a bit chilly this morning; its is chilly but sunny here. Have a lovely day everyone xx


  5. Morning Dylan,
    Hope you slept well and have enjoyed your breakfast. Have a lovely day today. Missing you loads.
    Lots of love Mum, Harry & Hetty xxxx


  6. Good morning Kian hope you had a good sleep for the day ahead. Breakfast looks lovely yum yum. Have a fab time everyone. Missing you love mum xxx


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