Morning everyone from Floor 5!

Floor 5 are very sleepy this morning. We’ve had to wake them all up for breakfast. Not Shauna and Ayesha who locked themselves out of their room this morning because they were excited to tell me they were up and dressed. 

4 thoughts on “Morning everyone from Floor 5!

  1. Hello and good morning everyone, its a lovely sunny day at home in Rotherham, I hope you all slept well and are really excited about the wonderful things you will be doing, have a wonderful time everyone, Elizabeth I can’t wait to see the photographs, take lots and make sure you compose the image in the square before you press the button. lots of Love Elizabeth we are missing you. Mum, David and Maisy. XXXX


  2. Morning Matthew, hope you had a good nights sleep I think you might need it today. Enjoy yourself and keep the pics coming. Love mum, dad, ben and lois xxxx


  3. Good morning everyone! Hope you had a good nights sleep Amirah and Tanya, Breakfast looks lovely. Lovely to see you on the pics Amirah. Enjoy a fun packed day and a very big thank you to the teachers who are doing a great job. Love you Amirah missing you loads mum, dad, Laibah and of course Mohammad-Faizaan xxxx


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