What a fabulous View

Here we are at the top of the world! All the children make it to the top of the dome. They were so brave and conquered their fears. What a wonderful visit the children have learnt so much about the history of London. 

21 thoughts on “What a fabulous View

  1. Wow what a view. How brave you all are. The London Eye should easy to go on now. Will check back later to see what else you have all been doing. Love mum and dad xx


  2. Looks fantastic. Hope everyone has a great time 🙂 love seeing all the pictures and checking the blog regulary.. Missing you already Connie and so is Marie haha. see you soon. Love mum dad and Tom xxx


  3. The house is very quiet without you Matthew. Have a fab time I’m missing you a lot. So glad you made it to the top of the dome. Have a great time at the London Eye tomorrow. Love Lois xx


  4. Are you hiding from the camera Isabelle ? The views are amazing, I hope your having a great time. Love from Nana & Grandad xxxx


  5. The view has changed with many new modern buildings since I last saw the same view some 50+ years ago.
    First photo I see of Isabelle H she has food in front of her…..same old Isabelle.
    Have a great time with all your friends Isabelle and enjoy the experience of London.
    I have a bet you won’t get to sleep early tonight……..no bed bouncing like in my day …. I hope !
    Isabelle Hargreaves Grandad (Gdad)


  6. The view from the top of St Paul’s looks amazing, I hope you’ve taken lots of photos too Elizabeth. Well done to everyone for making it up to the top.


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