Now we have unpacked we are ready to take part in a St Paul’s Cathedral quiz. Testing our knowledge on everything we have learnt today. Good luck everyone. 

10 thoughts on “Unpacking 

  1. Looks like you have had an amazing day chels good to see u smiling to love u millions night love mum dad Courtnie Lilly sky Craig xxxxx


  2. Hi Jacob, it looks like you’ve had an exhausting day! Me, Holly & Ozzy are missing you loads already. I think your Skylanders miss you too, they aren’t enjoying Holly’s Barbie games!!! I hope you enjoyed my story. Sleep well, love you, Mum & Holly Xxx


  3. Hey Amirah, good to see you smilling. Glad to see you are sharing the room with the girls you wanted to! Love you mum, dad, Laibah and Mohammad-Faizaan xxxx


  4. Looks like you had a busy day.Your room looks nice,bet your tired out.have a good sleep ready for another busy day tom.Looks like your having a good time.Love you lots mummy daddy and Jacob.xxxxx


  5. Hi Finlay looks like you all have had a great day and the room look nice. Good night sleep well and love you loads. From mum,John and Beth. Xxx


  6. Glad to see u all hving fun Is’haq u look really chilled out x have fun love and all of u. Smiler misses u n ur sisters xx


  7. Hope you’ve had a great day Charlie and have a good nights sleep ready for a fun packed busy day tomorrow. Sleep well, love you. Mum, dad, Jord and Erin xxxx


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