It’s dinner time

After a very exhausting journey to the very top of St. Paul’s, we are unpacked and having some much deserved food. Chicken escalope and jacket potato with apple crumble and custard to finish..delicious!


22 thoughts on “It’s dinner time

  1. Hello tj, we’re so happy you decided to go to London, we hope you love it and have a fantastic adventure xx lots of love dad mum tyler n pippa


  2. Hope you enjoyed your meal guys.. Enjoy the stay tonight and have fun. And Shiv’s really missing you Toral!! He’s happy to see your pictures as well.


  3. It looks like you’re having a brilliant time Dylan. Hope you have a lovely night. Lots of love Mum, Harry & Hetty xxx


  4. The hotel looks great, I hope you have enjoyed your dinner Elizabeth , Maisy was curled up on your bed.
    lots of love Mum,Dad and Maisy Cat.xxxx


  5. Hi Issi Schofield. It looks like you’ve had a very busy day. Hope the hotel has enough food for you as you are always hungry !! Remember to sleep tonight and not talk with your friends until 2:30am like you did when Harley stayed over. Enjoy all the activities tomorrow. Lots and lots of love mum dad and Olivia xxxx


  6. Maddison! Found you in a picture! Are you running away from the camera? Hope you are having an amazing time and loving the sights of London. The house is already really quiet without you!
    Love you lots, from us all. xxxx


  7. Looks like you really enjoyed your tea tonight, but not surprised I bet you were very hungry after today. Missing you loads love mum, dad, ben and lois xxx


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